Stockholm, Day 2

Please disregard that these posts are out of order. I wrote this my second night here and am just transcribing it to the blog.

Today was orientation day, and it was flippin amazing. I made a lot of new friends, from all over the place. There are a ton of people from Australia and Singapore particularly. We also moved into our dorms. I’m staying in Lappis, which is one of the nicest dormitories, and is one of the closest to campus. The dorm quality pretty much depends solely on who lived here previously, and my previous tenant was amazeballs.

 A List of Gifts My Past Tenant Left:

  1. Comforter and pillow (I won’t be using the pillow on general principle, but the sentiment is nice)
  2. Cleaning spray
  3. Toilet Brush
  4. Bath mat + shower curtain (I’ll wash the mat)
  5. 2 lamps
  6. Hangers
  7. A little gingerbread type decorative house
  8. A wall painting
  9. Two trash cans
  10. Curtains (blue, they match the cupboards and floors)
  11. A REALLY COOL old school radio. It’s got an antenna and dial and everything

After orientation we signed up for welcome activities and then had dinner at this fantastic Mediterranean place. Because I have no idea what the menu items say, I’ve resolved to just ask the server their favorite and order that. That’s what I did tonight and it worked out marvelously. I don’t have class tomorrow, so an IKEA run is crucial (update: we went, it’s huge. We spent entirely too many hours of our lives swirling around that store. But I digress).

Fun Fact 1: IKEA was founded in Sweden.

After dinner we came back to the dorms and my friend from uni (how the Australians say it) taught us how to play Magic The Gathering. I admittedly wasn’t very helpful, as I was exhausted by this point, but I did manage to make it through one game, and find a hip- hop station on the radio.

Fun Fact 2: Radio isn’t censored in Sweden.

Fun Fact 3: Radio is MUCH better than in the states. I heard Snakeships ft. Chance, Bryson Tiller, and a G Eazy song I like, all within 5 minutes of each other. On the public radio. Insane.

Now before you judge about Magic, remember study abroad is about exploring new things and making friends! And how else can you do that without openly trying the things that interest other people?

P.S. Nearly forgot. They still aren’t great quality, but here are a few pics from the taxi this morning and the street on the way to dinner tonight (click the pictures to open the album). I also learned that the island my hostel was on is called Gamla Stan, and is actually Old Town, which explains the cobblestones and gaslights. The island KTH is on is much more modern, but not less beautiful.


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