“Articulate” isn’t a Compliment

Today I had an interview for an internship position with an environmental non-profit that I’m really interested in. The interview went really well, the place seems great and I’m heaps excited about joining the team next semester. But several times during the interview the guy kept exclaiming about how articulate I was. And whenever someone calls me “articulate” or “well-spoken” I always have to wonder whether or not there is an unspoken “for a black girl” hidden just beneath their words.

And then I don’t know whether I should be flattered or offended.

One Comment

  1. Kyra

    Neither. You should just acknowledge their ignorance, and be happy that you get to be the one to enlighten them…maybe if they meet enough ‘well-spoken’ black girls, they’ll come to see it as a norm all on their own.

    Congrats on your internship, Cam!


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