Haiku for…who?

If I had to choose

between the world and you? Fuck

the world twice over.

Kendal called this poem “derivative.” Can’t say I disagree. I started the blog to keep track of all the real moments in my Black ass life in this erosive ass country, but being honest on the internet is a lot more difficult than I initially believed. I feel like it’s only possible to write truthfully if you aren’t actually writing for your audience. Which feels counterintuitive, since every writer deeply and fundamentally wants to be read.

I guess me and the blog are both works in progress.

Stay sane out there, y’all.


Fuck The World, Brent Faiyaz. This album was a staple in the minor Burkins household this quarantine. I hope Brent comforts and guides you the way he has us.

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  1. D.R.Collier

    I have found as a writer you need to determine your audience. I write for a Black American audience that I have reached yet. I write to educate them with fictional stories. In reality, my audience is white liberals. But I don’t write to them. I appreciate their support.
    Reaching out to a black audience is not as easy as it sounds. I have my own obstacles that important to me. 1) I am not Afro-centric. So I don’t read at their open mic. I think they sugarcoat the black experience alluding to Africa. 2) I am an atheist. 3) I am opposed to the liberal use of nigger, I defend rap music an art form. I do participate in a workshop of mainly old men, white and black. These black people write about thier black American experiences. I want to address a black audence with raw truth. I would love to collaborate with others in the same mind set.

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