lightning & thunder

I didn’t fall in love 

with you sober.

I fell in love 

with you sideways,

wine drunk 

at 4pm

in the afternoon,

high on the 

front porch, 

stoop kid 

afraid to leave 

her stoop 

but needing 

to feel 

the sun 

on her skin, 

fresh air 

in her lungs. 

She’d been 

burning candles 

in her room

for daayyyyssssss


And she needed

to feel him 

under her 

and over her,

controlling her 

and wanting her. 

What in the hell?

Hello Friends!

Quarantine Day 6 and I am…horny lol. This as a flash poetry piece, which here means that I wrote it in about 3 minutes, while listening to the song Lightning & Thunder from Jhene Aiko’s newest album–Chilombo. Quarantine is doing very interesting things to our generation dating-wise–we’re talking on the phone all night like it’s 2009, we’re going on nature walks while keeping a social distance of 6 feet apart, more than one friend has unironically suggested we start sending each other letters. It’s all very Austenien, and I’m honestly here for it. I was in a serious thing for kind of a long time, and my exposure to 21st century dating was…unceremonious. So while yes, global pandemic isn’t the ideal circumstance, I do like that we’re all being forced to slow down and take our time with each other.

Quarantine also has me reflecting in other ways–on friendship, which is more like dating than I’d every consciously allowed myself to realize; on inappropriate decisions with inappropriate people, as I have already sent one risky text to someone that should 100% remain in my past (and it’s only day 6, yikes); and on time, namely, what even is it, and do we have as much of it as we think we do? I haven’t developed any definitive thoughts or answers to my existential musings, but nearly one week into city-mandated quarantine (or social distance, if you want to take the fun out of everything), and I remain…cautiously optimistic. I hope y’all are staying sane out there, too.

Twitter is very good at reminding me that even when I think I’m alone, I’m not, really. So here y’all go, a parting tweet. We’re going to get through this guys–together.

Love & Light y’all,


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