I’m 24 today.

I started this on my actual birthday, and then proceeded to not actually finish it…which is how roughly 80% of my blog posts go. And then, I shit you not, on June 22 nd, 24 hours after my 24th birthday, I got my first gray hair. 24. And deteriorating rapidly.

So check out the original blog post below. And in celebration of life being a continuous trudge toward death, this song by Ok Sweetheart.

Stay sane out there guys.

Can’t Stop This by Ok Sweetheart

I’m 24 today.

And even though I’m a year shy of my official quarter life crisis, I’ve always been advanced for my age. Which is to say—it’s been a weird ass year. I broke up with the perceived love of my life. I quit my lucrative engineering job to pursue SoMeThInG eLsE, without being 110% sure what that something else would be. I left Dallas (Thank you sweet baby Jesus) and moved halfway across the country to Oakland, California. On any given day I oscillate wildly between this deep feeling of certainty and promise…and the knowledge that if I’m not clutching the tendrils of my life with both hands at all times, I’ll fly off into space. I’m ecstatic. I’m terrified. But mostly I’m grateful.

I’m grateful to be living with my brother, my favorite human on the planet—a move we’ve talked about for years, and actually fucking made happen. I’m grateful to have left a career I’ve known for a while wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’m grateful for friends who feel like family, who support me when I’m down, and give me a kick in the ass when it’s time to get back up. I’m grateful for life, in all its wonder and uncertainty. I’m grateful for the uncertainty. I’m stoked to find out what comes next.

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